Roberth La Fresa, from the band El Picure, was shot down in Falcón after resisting capture


Roberth La Fresa, one of the most wanted criminals in the country, died Monday after resisting his capture in Falcon state, said Douglas Rico, director of the Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc).

The band member El Picure, Roberth José Gómez Moreno (34), nicknamed Roberth La Fresa, was dedicated to theft and theft of vehicles, kidnappings, extortion and homicides, Rico detailed in his Instagram account (douglasricovzla).

Former pran of the General Penitentiary of Venezuela (PGV), he presented four requests for intentional homicide, generic theft, carrying detention or concealment of weapons and use of things from the crime.

The resistance to the police authorities was generated in the North Beach sector of the Chichiriviche parish and in the procedure a Toyota truck, Prado model, license plate AF704LK, year 2005 was recovered; a Glock pistol, model 17, 9 mm caliber, serial eaf-925, an organic weapon of the Cicpc that belonged to the inspector Alexis Arellano and would have been stolen on January 12 at the Santa Rosalia parish; five ammunition and a counterfeit laminated card in the name of Raúl Manuel Castro Núñez.