Omar Alonzzo raised the flag of Venezuela in an important international festival


Omar Alonzzo, better known artistically as Dj Omma, is a young Venezuelan who has been successful in his nighttime career two years ago, achieving caution in a large audience nationally and internationally.

Since the release of his first single «OMG», along with One RPM Colombia, Dj Omma had an important acceptance that allowed him to present multiple times in discos in Argentina, Colombia and, of course, Venezuela.

In fact, Omar Alonzzo represented his native country at the Rumors Festival, where he shared with renowned electronic music professionals in Colombia, including Andy Cop, Christian Bautista, Duvan León and Dj Nitro Camargo.

The Rumors Festival was held in My Club, La Boquilla and Nuxus, important nightclubs in Cartagena, Colombia, a city that became a fundamental nucleus for the electro house, tech house and tribal house scene.

Soon, Dj Omma returned to Colombia to put music to the rumba nights. In addition, Alonzzo continues to work on new projects with the production company Del Imperio Miami INC., Which it has supported since its inception.