Guaidó: we will meet with Acnur and the Lima Group to address the migration crisis


The president (e) of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, said Tuesday that from the National Assembly new meetings are being prepared with the Lima and Acnur Group, to deal with the Venezuelan migration crisis.

During a statement to the media, he stressed that Venezuelans outside Venezuela are in a situation of vulnerability, he said, referring to the statements of the deputy, Angel Medina.

Guaidó, warned that both mothers and children are deceived at the borders with “alleged procedures” to facilitate their arrival in a foreign country, so they sent a message to Venezuelans, “whoever wishes to migrate must meet the requirements of each country to Let him decide to leave. ”

He also said that the measure that Ecuador issued regarding the visa to be established was announced a month ago and was implemented on Monday, also reported that the procedures are being done for people who are in the situation of border limbo , especially for those in vulnerable situations.

Ecuador joined Peru, Chile as the last countries that have implemented immigration visa as a requirement for Venezuelans to settle in these countries in search of a better quality of life. Since they have been in the forced need to emigrate from Venezuela due to the serious crisis that currently afflicts the country, both socially and economically.

This is due to the bad policies employed by the regime for more than 20 years. What derived in a country in ruins, that suffers the serious shortage of foods, medicines and products of basic necessities that generated a chaos in the life of the Venezuelan families.

Not counting the serious problems of insecurity of which Venezuelans are victims, as well as the vulnerability of basic services, such as the case of the Zulia state, which last more than 10 hours without power rationing.