Some 1,400 Venezuelans crossed from Colombia to Ecuador over the San Miguel Bridge


During this weekend, approximately 1,400 Venezuelans crossed from Colombia to Ecuador through the San Miguel International Bridge. Through this secondary step between the two countries, they advanced to the visa petition that Ecuador began to request since Monday.

This number of migrants contrasts with the more than 11,000 who left Colombia in two days by the International Bridge of Rumichaca, which is the main step.

The EFE agency explained that 103 people arrived after midnight, so to enter the country they had to have a humanitarian visa. The neighboring countries talked to allow their entry and so far 83 have achieved it.

Among those who did arrive before 12:00 a.m. tiredness and despair was evident. Neusa Colmenar, was one of those Venezuelan migrants; He had been waiting in the tents that the NGOs had enabled for two days. With a two-year-old girl in his arms, he broke into tears and assured that he expects from Ecuador «all the best of its people. A help, a job, anything to be able to get their daughters forward.

Apply for the humanitarian visa
Venezuelan citizens who want to apply for a humanitarian visa must have a passport (no matter if it is expired), present apostilled criminal records and pay 50 dollars.

«There is an institutional coordination, in the case of the papers, which is what most worries Venezuelan migrants. If they don’t have them, obviously there has to be a process in which they have to adjust to the norms that the country has, ”Ecuador’s Red Cross communication director Diego Castellanos told EfE.

Since last July, when Ecuador announced that it would begin to request a humanitarian visa from Venezuelans, more than 85,000 people of this nationality left Colombia and in the last week were more than 37,000.