Regional vaccination card for Venezuelan migrants approved


On Tuesday, the OAS coordinator for Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis, David Smolansky, informed the approval of a vaccination card for our migrants.

Through his Twitter account (@dsmolansky), the leader explained that the approved measure, during a regional health meeting, held in Cúcuta, Colombia, will allow information to be shared with the countries that Venezuelans travel until they reach their destination; likewise, «revaccination» will be avoided.

Also, the mayor with an arrest warrant for the regime, stressed that from the OAS «we continue to insist on the need to create the basis for a regional consensus that protects and integrates Venezuelans.»

During the meeting, the coordinator to address the migrant crisis, said that «with more than 10 ministers and vice ministers of health of the region we visited the University Hospital Erasmo Meoz.»

Until July, the medical center has attended 33 thousand Venezuelans in 4 years and 76% of the women who give birth are Venezuelan.