Horror night in Ramo Verde: Dgcim stole and destroyed belongings of political prisoners


Over the weekend, the political prisoners in the Ramo Verde military prison lived a night of terror, after Dgcim officials carried out a search where they ended up stealing and destroying the belongings of the prisoners.

The incident occurred on August 23 at approximately 11:00 p.m. m., the violent action ended at 3:00 a.m. on the 24th of the same month.

«According to the testimony of his relatives, there was a night of terror. Several political prisoners were beaten during the violent search, ”explained the vice president of the NGO Penal Forum, Gonzalo Himiob, during a press conference.

Among the political prisoners who were beaten are; Sergeant Luis Bandres Figuero, the graphic reporter, Jesús Medina, among others.

«They stole medicine, food and personal items,» said Himiob. While indicating that until this August 26 the NGO registered 501 political prisoners, of the figure, 86 are in Ramo Verde.

Insults and abuses
Himiob explained that the political prisoner Vasco Da Costa was insulted by Dgcim officials who repeatedly made fun of cancer in his eyes.

«They took away the medications that were available to him. They threw them on the floor and stepped on them. They destroyed them all and made them unusable, ”he lamented.

Himiob said that the officials who were in charge of the search were identified and will take the complaint to the relevant agencies.