His transplant never came: Andrés waited 14 years and died dreaming of being a doctor


«Mom let me rest» were the last words of this teenager who for 14 years fought shoulder to shoulder with his mother to recover. He suffered from chronic renal failure, a condition that on August 19 stole his life.

My son «was a warrior» Vicky Fernández told us when he told everything that Andres Samuel struggled to live, he wanted to be a doctor and was his faithful companion. The only male in a family full of women, one of them growing today in the womb of this woman who has her pain alive. A wound that also does not heal because death is replicated in other children in most of the services of the J. M. De los Ríos hospital.

It is inevitable to accompany her in her pain. She, as a mother, suffers in living flesh, we as journalists for feeling her face common pleading for help since 2018 and for not having how, beyond a phone to make her pain known.

Vicky accompanied a joint press conference of Cecodap and Prepara Familia, organizations that accompany families from the children’s hospital on their journey to demand treatment and supplies that have been denied for years.

A type four hospital that was a reference in the country in the area of ​​Pediatrics and today is contaminated, destroyed and guarded by groups that without any vestige of humanity prohibit the entry of donations that make patients the least bitter drink.

¨ I was threatened many times, the groups told us that if we talked they would kill us. Once the director who died told me that I was fed up with my son’s infections.

Andrés’ mother explained that during the last year of hospitalization the suffering was constant. The complications did not give truce, the last bacterium that contracted in J. M. de los Ríos is called Klebsiella and there were no reagents to study the young man’s blood. His lungs filled with blood and the medical center did not have a respirator.

Day by day its deterioration was remarkable and although it survived this microorganism that affected its organs and respiratory system, the lack of equipment and medications aggravated its condition. Hospital doctors placed an intracardiac catheter, but 8 days ago the efforts failed to combat his pulmonary edema.

This mother does not want history to repeat itself. He misses him to rage, but he was strong enough to talk to the media. ¨ I feel sad, my son really needs me, but today I ask that the government put his hand on his heart and provide the hospital with supplies. If my son had stayed alive, he would die because there was no way to breathe.

Vicky’s pain was greater when he saw the abuse even after he died. He said he was laid on a stretcher under an air conditioner to prevent its decomposition in the absence of cavas to maintain the body.

¨ I want to report that my son after he died was handed to me as if he were a dog, on a stretcher. They put him under an air so he wouldn’t rot, ”he sentenced.