Brave and emerging leadership! «Guaidó Generation»


By Pedro Mena
In the historical past of Venezuela, the best representations of political leadership have had an eternal resonance for their legacy and contribution to the country’s economic, social and political development.

n recent days I have carefully read a kind of general tendency of some personalities, retired political leaders and even columnists in newspapers and social networks, to address in their comments to our constitutionally interim president, Juan Guaidó, as the «boy» .

Some convey feelings of affection and recognition to the heroic work of this young man of just 35 years, titan of the current patriotism, and others reflect the unhealthy intentions of disqualification for the crime of being young, intelligent, bold, shrewd and responsible.

In the historical past of Venezuela, the best representations of political leadership have had an eternal resonance for their legacy and contribution to the country’s economic, social and political development. It is not surprising to anyone that the members of the so-called “generation of 28”, integrated by the ideological diversity of those times, were admirable expression of the sacrifice, determination and ability to work as university students to build a country project, which was discussed in the classrooms of the UCV and in the streets of all Venezuela. In spite of the implacable dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez, the preferred slogan was “Take out the leg laj ٕ a” as a shout of protest and rebellion against Gomez tyranny, wearing their black berets, a symbol of the hope of freedom that youth aspired and dreamed, Marking history forever.

Among those combative students were young Romulo Betancourt, Raúl Leoni, president of the Student Federation of Venezuela, FEV, Miguel Otero Silva, Jóvito Villalba, great student tribune, the poet Andrés Eloy Blanco, Juan Oropeza, Juan Bautista Fuenmayor, Rodolfo Quintero, Miguel Acosta Saignes, Edmundo Fernández, Elías Rafael Vegas, Humberto Tejera, Kotepa Delgado, Fernando Key Sánchez, Germán Suarez Flamerich, among others.

They, with their student struggles, with persecutions, exiles, prisons in the dungeons of Puerto Cabello, and the dark Rotunda, where with crickets and heavy iron balls covering their young legs, were subjected to the elemental deprivations of a human being, not escaping death caused by torture and others by the destructive action of their bodies from the serious epidermal and infectious diseases of the time.

Before we must highlight the aegis action and historical example, filled with the sacrifice in human lives and blood on the real battlefield, for the courageous action of the students, seminarians and youth that under the command of patriotic generals José Félix Ribas, and Vicente Campos Elías, on February 12, 1814, in the remembered “Battle of Victory”, sealed the Aragonese fields with his youthful blood. Raising his sacrifice to the glory of freedom and future independence of the Spanish yoke that plagued Venezuela. The Liberator Simón Bolívar granted the title of «Victor of the Tyrants» to the young patriot José Félix Ribas. Eternal glory to these young patriots for their great libertarian feat!

The student generation of 58, like that of 28, who fought against the dictatorship of Pérez Jiménez, also contributed his martyrs and timely leadership to rebuild Venezuela and its democratic institutions. Many of the new rulers already tanned and with the experiences acquired in the clandestine struggle, and from exile, emerged as leaders and Presidents of the Republic, examples: Rómulo Betancourt and Raúl Leoni, respectively.

In 2007, another young, explosive generation of struggle and combat against the dictatorship of the Chavez narco, mature, emerged after the closure of RCTV Channel 2, by the Chavez government, an absurd decision that obliges university student leaders, organized in the so-called “ Student Parliament ”to protest at the national level, which represented a frontal fight against official repression and its security forces, supported by paramilitary groups, the so-called“ collective ”. Among these unequal battles, a new leadership emerges that soon copied the scene as leaders of political and parliamentary parties before the AN.

Juan Guaidó, and his groups of fellow student struggles, now become social and parliamentary leaders, assumed their historic role with dignity. Among them we can mention some names that I remember, some are my personal friends, when in my duties as Executive Secretary of the MUD, Miami, I had the honor of sharing unforgettable political experiences. They represent the current “Guaido Generation” in their political parties, and in the historical legacy under construction with their personal activisms and sacrifices. Our eternal personal recognition.

I remember the brave deputy Freddy Guevara, today imprisoned in an embassy, ​​the young doctor and excellent social leader José Manuel Olivares, today deputy in exile, Stalin González, brand new 2nd vice president of the AN and negotiator in Oslo, Marco Aurelio Quiñones also deputy, Dip . Juan Andrés Mejías, Dip. Lawrence Castro «Cachaco», Rafael Rojas «Guayaba», Verónica Brito, candidate for governor in the state of Amazonas, Dip. Gaby Arellano, exile in Colombia, David Smolansky, former mayor of El Hatillo, today, in the OAS, the sacrificed and tortured deputy Juan Requesens, kidnapped without trial in an illegal and arbitrary way by the dictatorship, our friend Roberto Marrero, another victim of the regime usurper. Incommunicado, without trial, for the crime of being the chief of the cabinet of President Guaidó, and Kennedy Bolívar, lawyer, unionist, student leader at the UCV Law School, former president of the Judicial Workers Union, SOUNTRANJ, currently studying for a doctorate in Education, at Nova Southeastern University, leader in exile in the USA through its Moveré Community Movement, all are members of the “Guaidó Generation”, whom they accompany with solidarity of action and thought, following the outstanding leader of that new litter of patriots

Venezuelan youth have been characterized by their constant search for new paths of freedom and democracy, regardless of the sacrifice of their dreams and deeds. His energies, firm ideals, strength and impetus to defend “worthy and swords” the worthy examples of his historical ancestors, from the independence struggle to the present, to recover the new independence of Castro communism, his terrorist allies and drug traffickers of resentment Mature Chavista

Honor to our president Guaidó, the “leading boy” and his generation of change. Blessings, we are doing well!