53 political prisoners have two years in pretrial detention: «They must be released»


The vice president of the NGO Penal Forum, Gonzalo Himiob, denounced on Monday that 53 political prisoners in Venezuela have more than two years in pretrial detention, so, according to the law, they must be released.

“Preventive detention cannot be used as a kind of sanction or early punishment. They are victims of arbitrary detention, without being convicted they are deprived of freedom, ”said Himiob during a press conference.

The vice president of the NGO informed that from January 1, 2014 to August 26, 2019 there have been 15,160 political arrests. «Of that block, until today, we have reported 501 political prisoners, of the number 86 are held in the military prison of Ramo Verde».

He said that 8,904 people are subject to «unfair criminal proceedings», under precautionary measures.

«495 political prisoners are being held in the shadow of a trial that does not advance,» he lamented. While he explained that four people wait for the courts to finish verifying the requirements of their guarantors.

From 2014 to August 26, 2019, at least 848 civilians have been presented or prosecuted in military courts.

Himiob explained that 12 political prisoners have a release card and the authorities of the different criminals «have not wanted» to free people.

«Antonia turbay, detained for being linked to the evasion of house arrest by Iván Simonovis, has a release card and the Sebin, El Helicoide, where she is being held, does not respect the court’s decision. It seems that the police bodies are above the courts, ”he lamented.