PJ to the regime: assume that what happened at the gas filler was inefficiency and corruption


The First Justice political party pronounced after the governor of Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez accused him of being linked to the explosion at the Apacuna domestic gas filler, located in Ocumare del Tuy, Miranda state, and said that the fact only corresponds to the inefficiency and corruption of the regime.

PJ rejected the version of Nicolás Maduro’s regime, of an alleged sabotage by the opposition and particularly the yellow awning party.

He also urged the regime to stop blaming third parties and recognize that it was «their inefficiency and lack of maintenance of public services.»

«We in First Justice condemn the deplorable state in which public services are located in Venezuela because of the corruption, inefficiency and mishandling of those who from power destroyed the country,» the party said.

PJ said that the sole purpose of the regime in accusing them is «diverting attention to those from power who are to blame for the collapse of public services in the country.»

The opposition party said that it does not attack or sabotage public services and that on the contrary «it constantly denounces the serious crisis that Venezuelans suffer, and through the Country Plan, they propose solutions to recover them once they achieve change.»

In turn, PJ lamented what happened in Ocumare del Tuy and demanded an investigation that is transparent and does not end up being a mechanism «to politically persecute those who oppose the regime. ‘Enough of such lies and manipulation,” they concluded.