Macri government acknowledged that the strategy in the primaries was «cold»


The head of Cabinet of the Argentine Government, Marcos Peña, affirmed this Sunday that the discourse of the ruling party in the electoral campaign for the primary elections was «cold and incomprehensible» and that, facing the presidential elections, the Executive must have «more street» .

«In our eagerness to solve the structural, we moved away from the conjunctural, from day to day. That made our speech colder and incomprehensible, ”Peña said in an interview with the newspaper La Nación when two weeks after the defeat in the president’s primary, Mauricio Macri, before the Peronist Alberto Fernández (Front of All) for 15 points, reviewed the international news agency EFE.

Peña criticized that the coalition of which it is a part, Together for Change, acted in a «bourgeois» way before the primary, open, simultaneous and obligatory (STEP) of August 11, and that the «excess of forecasts» weakened the «credibility» of the Government.

«We redoubled the bet with the message that» this is going to be very good for you in the future, «and people told us that they didn’t give more,» he said.

Peña, whose figure has been questioned by Argentine media in these two post-election weeks in which financial markets have hit Argentina, insisted that the presidential election that will be settled on October 27 goes «zero to zero.»

«The first thing I am thinking about is how to win the October election and if not in October, in November. We can win it, my energy is put into that, ”said the head of Cabinet of Macri.

Thus, he did not accept the defeat in the primaries as «final» because he considered that many of those who voted for the Front of All, who has as a candidate for Vice President the ex-president Cristina Fernández (2007-2015), wanted to send a message.