Colombia on Santrich: if it is in Venezuela it must be delivered to Interpol


Venezuela as a country subscribed to Interpol, is obliged to deliver former leader of the former Farc Seuxis guerrilla Paucias Hernández Solarte, better known as Jesús Santrich, if he is in the country, according to the Colombian High Commissioner of Peace, Miguel Ceballos

“There are more than 150 countries that have signed the agreement and therefore any of these who have knowledge of the whereabouts of Santrich is obliged to deliver it. If it is in Venezuela or in any other country that has signed such an agreement, they must still deliver it, ”said Ceballos.

This request was also joined by the Colombian Foreign Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, so that international protocols are complied with.

Carlos Holmes Trujillo

The country where alias ‘Jesus Santrich’ is obliged, in compliance with the Interpol red circular, to make it available to the authorities for justice

7:07 – Aug 23 2019 · Honduras
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The 53-year-old former guerrilla is wanted for concert crimes, to aggravate crime and traffic, manufacture or transport of aggravated narcotics, Spunitk Mundo said.

On July 29, Nicolás Maduro during a chain indicated that Santrich and Iván Márquez «were welcome to Venezuela.»