Juan Guaidó: «The solutions will be given with the return of democracy»


«The Venezuelan people protect me and accompany me every minute. We demand access to water, electricity, gas, public transport, food, medicines (…) Only a return to democracy can help find solutions, ”said the president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, seven months after taking the reins of The recovery of the country’s freedom.

During his interview for the French medium Paris Match, Guaidó said that the regime is tied hands and that is why they have not dared to stop him.

“Given the international support I receive, my imprisonment would have a certain political cost to the dictatorship. That’s why I’m still free, ”added the president in charge in the interview.

He also recalled that its main objective is to recover the freedom of Venezuela, even when the regime hardens siege and persecution actions against deputies and members of the Guaidó board.

«Some had to flee abroad. Those who sought to bring humanitarian aid, or who requested international support, suffered the same fate, ”said Guaido.