A song of his own, in which he makes a modern proposal of the urban genre with an interesting fusion of rhythms, which we can find in the most important digital platforms in the world.

In «You Miss It» Germaine reinforces the concept of female empowerment, encouraging self-esteem and self-esteem that every woman must cultivate to face the different situations of life more accurately. The song tells the case of a woman who, being betrayed, has the confidence in herself to decide to end the relationship, reaffirm that it is valuable and be able to tell who did not value it: You Miss It.

The subject has had very good receptivity, with almost 10 million views on YouTube and managed to position itself among the first 20 places on the Venezuelan music billboard.

Germaine has managed to captivate a significant audience from different countries in Latin America, among which Mexico, a country in which it has a large number of followers, is also being able to cross continental borders capturing attention with its music and its beauty in the Emirates United Arab, Turkey, India, Russia, France, among others. It has an important number of more than one million followers in its social networks, where we can get it as Official Germaine.

Enjoy the “You Miss It” Video here: