Even when? A teenager in nephrology died from J. M. de los Ríos


Laziness in the Health sector continues to take the lives of innocents. At approximately 9:30 p.m. on Monday night, Andrés Fernández died in the Nephrology Department of the J. M. de Los Ríos Hospital for alleged malpractice.

The specialists would not have made a correct catheter change and that generated a respiratory arrest for Fernández, the Miami website, TVVenezuela, reported.

The 15-year-old was protected by precautionary measures granted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Cidh).

«The children of the nephrology department of the J. M. de Los Ríos hospital continue to die, protected by the precautionary measures granted by the Cidh. How long are we going to have to continue embroidering the names of the deceased children in the nephrology wall-mural? ”Lamented the NGO Prepara Familia.

Fernandez went three times a week to the nephrology service of the J.M de Los Ríos Hospital. He was hospitalized since the end of 2018. His name and his report led the request and the granting of precautionary measures by the Cidh.

On February 22, 2018, the IACHR issued protective measures in favor of the patients of the Nephrology Department of J. M. de los Ríos and requested the Venezuelan State to guarantee the right to health of children.

«This international protection seeks to guarantee the life, integral personal and health of children once exhausted, without success, all the protection mechanisms that exist in the country», informed the NGOs Cecodap and Prepara Familia.

Fernandez had survived the intermittences in the water supply, failures in the osmosis plant, blackouts, sewage overflow and contamination of the dialysis unit.

Fernández is the eighth child with renal deficiencies of J. M. who dies so far this year. With his departure, at least 17 children have died in three of the hospital’s different services so far in 2019, Venezuelan portal Efecto Cocuyo reported.