Deputy Luis Parra: León Heredia applies a policy of terror and harassment against the media in Yaracuy


Luis Edgardo Parra, deputy to the National Assembly by the Yaracuy state, attacked Tuesday against Governor Julio León Heredia, after ordering the expropriation of El Diario de Yaracuy and the persecution against the state media.

During his speech, the parliamentarian warned that the regime intends to turn off 15 years of history of El Diario de Yaracuy by installing a command of the Special Actions Forces (FAES), which he referred to as a «repressor and torturer» security body.

«In Yaracuy, unfortunately, the radio media are closing their doors, obliged, and they are confiscating all their equipment and even their own headquarters, product of a policy of terror, of a policy of a violator of human rights, accomplice of Nicolás Maduro, as Julio León Heredia is, ”he said.

Given this, he mentioned the case of the radio station Rumbera Network, which was taken off the air by the fact of transmitting «Claro no Canto un Gallo», a program that was produced and moderated by Parra himself and that was «uncomfortable» for the governor for the serious complaints made by citizens.

In this regard, he reiterated that León Heredia undertakes a «terror policy» against the Yaracuyan family, whose security forces are responsible for intimidating the demonstrations due to the aggravated crisis in the country.

Parra ended by denouncing the hundreds of detainees and the increase in repression in Yaracuy after the events that took place on January 23, where a massive mobilization dared to demand the cessation of the crisis in public services and systematic violations of human rights.