«And the planillitas?»: Guaidó questions meetings of the regime with the US


The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, said Wednesday that it was a «proof of the contradictions of Chavismo,» the contacts between the White House and the senior members of the regime while requesting signatures against the Government of Donald Trump.

«What remains in evidence are the contradictions of the regime, I don’t know what they are going to do with the No More Trump planks, because I imagine that the little militancy that will remain in the regime will feel betrayed,» Guaidó said in a meeting with municipal and regional leaders from Los Cortijos.

He questioned that the regime collects signatures against Trump while he meets with his envoys. «The driver of the Wednesday gossip program (Diosdado Cabello) said they had no contact with the US. Then the one we think is boss (Maduro) denies it. What will they do with the forms of ‘No more Trump?”, Added Guaidó from a press conference at the headquarters of El Nacional.

Guaidó also said that Maduro officials have been effective in the «communication, propaganda and lies apparatus.» «It is reflected today at its best when we have a humanitarian emergency that afflicts all Venezuelans,» he said.

On Tuesday night, Maduro confirmed that there is contact of members of the regime with «senior officials» of the US Executive.

«Maduro, the usurper, is so desperate and so clumsy that he had to get out of the way to what they said of the driver of the Wednesday gossip program to be seen that it was he who was in the process and hours later deny him and do it fall into ridicule, I insist, what are they going to do with the pallets? Be very clear that the Venezuelan parliament has the dialogue, ”Guaidó reiterated.