Daniela Linares invaded Caracas with her love for fashion


This Thursday, the novel Venezuelan designer Daniela Linares made public the official launch of her new #RevolutionLove collection | #LoveRevolution through your Instagram account @DanielaLinaresOficial. The campaign was shot in the city of Caracas and featured a “street” parade that surprised those who traveled through the iconic Plaza Francia de Altamira.

“I have the honor of living in the best city on the planet so I could not choose such a successful space to define and show my clothes. For me, love can do everything, it is the center and the base of what we were, of what we are and what we want to be. My collection is aimed at women and men who want to get out of the stereotypes that fashion dictates and seek to look different, ”said Daniela Linares.

With this first Prêt-à-porter capsule, Daniela Linares shows her irreverent and daring fashion concept, where the neon is the protagonist and her delicate hand-operated garments make #RevolutionLove | #LoveRevolution a collection in which «love has no order, but you have to live it intensely and with style».

The campaign featured the image of important Venezuelan models such as Valentina and Verónica Figuera, Luis D’Alessandro, Alejandra Campos, Fer Julio, Stephany Da Silva, David Castro and the special participation of the influencer Mandi Meza. The team responsible for creating the wonderful audiovisual and photographic pieces were Carlos Querales and his company PyroCrew in production, Ronny Monges and Michael Davis on camera, photography and postproduction, Trinistylist and Oskarovsky Makeup and styling, all under the creative direction of her own Designer Daniela Linares.

“I have a wonderful team that materialized what I really wanted. I am happy to share this dream with you and I will soon be announcing my next capsule that will be in collaboration with an important Venezuelan plastic artist, ”said the designer.

The exclusive pieces are now available directly through your social media account @DanielaLinaresOficial and soon on their website http://bydanielalinaresoficial.com/