* Editor of El Diario de Yaracuy to León Heredia: “Impunity is not eternal” *


Gianfranco Napolitano, editor of El Diario de Yaracuy, which was recently expropriated by orders of the entity’s governor, Julio León Heredia, addressed the regional president and assured that “impunity is not eternal”. Through an open letter to the entire Venezuelan people, regarding the illegal act of expropriation to the headquarters of that media, the editor said that El Diario de Yaracuy will return and will remain the window for the expression of those who have no voice.

“With impotence, but with faith that sooner rather than later justice will be done, I see from my exile, forced product of the political persecution headed by Julio León Heredia, a nefarious character who holds the position of Governor of the Yaracuy State, how one commits new arbitrariness, now against the Diario de Yaracuy that has been illegally expropriated, ”said Gianfranco Napolitano.

On Sunday, August 11, 2019, the Yaracuyan president, from his usual radio program, issued instructions to his subordinates to expropriate the headquarters of El Diario de Yaracuy and a house located on La Paz avenue in San Felipe, owned by Napolitano, who lives a forced exile in the United States due to the political persecutions led by León Heredia and the Chavista regime.

By virtue of that irregularity, the Editor of El Diario de Yaracuy issued a Public Letter responding to the arbitrariness of this «ominous character who holds the position of Governor.»

In his letter to public opinion, Gianfranco Napolitano recalls that El Diario de Yaracuy was a company that generated 200 direct jobs and hundreds of others indirectly, quickly becoming the first newspaper in that Venezuelan region, due to its popularity and professionalism in the management of information.

Neapolitan, assured the Yaracuy state that in the times that are coming of democracy and progress, El Diario de Yaracuy will return to the hands of the people to inform and serve as a tribune to all sectors of the Yaracuyana community, to denounce the abuses and show the truth of these dark times, while León Heredia will have to give an account to justice for persecuting dissent, breaking the business, destroying the productive apparatus of Yaracuy, violating human rights and promoting corruption.