So the sanction that you are applying to Yaracuy’s diary is very small in relation to the sanction that you are for the people of Yaracuy


In a new attack on freedom of expression in Venezuela by officials affected by the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro Moros, the current governor of Yaracuy state, Julio León Heredia, ordered today the expropriation of the headquarters of the YARACUY DIARY.

León Heredia, who has become the main promoter and coach of the Bolivarian circles and other armed groups created to defend the pseudo revolution, using the spaces and grounds of Unefa as training camps for groups outside the law, announced today the confiscation of the building, the newspaper and all the furniture that was owned by DIARIO DE YARACUY. The governor of Yaracuy today launched an accurate attack on the owner of EL DIARIO DE YARACUY, the businessman Gianfranco Napolitano, who not only ordered to confiscate the newspaper , but also a house you own in San Felipe.

“… Gianfranco Napolitano, I’m going to say it publicly, and I ask you secretary general of government, here Mr. Gianfranco Napolitano who sacked and robbed Yaracuy as he pleased, who is now a financier of Biaggio Pillieri, Gabriel Galo and Luis Parra, that thief, well it turns out that he has some properties here in Yaracuy. I ask you, please, that with the legal consultancy we issue the decrees of expropriation immediately of the facilities of a newspaper that I had here, of a house that has there going down the peace avenue and enough that we need them, for the great missions, for security agencies. That malandro that is there in Miami (…) that is the stateless opposition that we have to fight, ”said Leon Heredia.

It is important to note that the DIARY OF YARACUY got to have in its best times a circulation of up to 35 thousand copies daily. The shortage of newsprint reduced the daily circulation to 10,000 copies, but some time later the dictatorship denied the supply of paper and the media was forced to close its doors.The DIARY OF YARACUY had a work team of 85 people distributed in the departments that establish a printed medium. For a long time it was the media that had the largest number of journalists and reporters in the region.The Yaracuy Journal, which opened on December 11, 2006 (was about to turn 13), also had the record and certification at the national level of the Autonomous Intellectual Property Service (SAPI), within the printed, marketing and advertising classifications, of all the brands and logos that make it up.The closing of EL DIARIO DE YARACUY meant a great loss for the entire community of that state. And not satisfied with having closed its doors, now Governor León Heredia, in an act contrary to the law, orders the confiscation of his newspaper and all its facilities.
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