Anmarie Camacho premiered the 8th. «Sun News» season


The cheerleader will present in this new stage a more interactive tourism and entertainment content through the Sun Channel signal …

On July 15, the eighth season of the Sun News program premiered on Sun Channel; a tourism and entertainment project led by the cheerleader, actress, and model, Anmarie Camacho.

«Sun News» provides information on the most influential tourist destinations in Latin America «… a program that offers new sections, more international interaction, and we are launching a digital network at this stage,» said Anmarie, referring to the email address @sunnewstv which can now Be enjoyed by Twitter and Instagram.

Anmarie informed that in this eighth season the public will be able to obtain immediate information about various tourist destinations, and at the same time, they will be able to use digital applications that will make life easier for many travelers.

“All this data will be transmitted through the screens and digital channels of Sun Channel. The goal is to get closer to our followers, ”said Anmarie.

What is the most fascinating thing about facing this project?

I love the program because we always innovate and present breaking information. It is a must for those who love to travel and get to know the most exotic places in the world …

«Sun News» is and will be broadcast this and every Monday at 8 pm Venezuela time.

For more information you can follow Instagram accounts: @anmariecamacho and @sunchannel