Diosa Canales continues to talk about her promotional theme «Bad»


Dioshaily Rosfer Canales Gil, better known in the artistic world as «Diosa Canales», is a Venezuelan singer and model who has been framed in the music industry with songs such as «In body and soul», «Sexy Dale», «My Everything» , «Provide me with the renowned producer Reggi El Authentic, with video clips of Venezuelans Nael and Justin,» No Talk about MI «produced in Medellin with the producers of Company Dj Maff and Gotex, the latter issues reached number one on the Billboard Record Report and Monitor Latino, managing to become a feminine image of the Venezuelan brand of shoes «Zero Shoes».

After this success, he presented his new musical theme “Mala”, which was released this June 10 under the composition and production of Dj Maff and Gotex. This theme has its video clip that was recorded in Colombia Medellín.

Bad, it’s a mix of dance hall and reggaeton. Theme that tells the story of a very sensual, elegant and outgoing woman who where she arrives is the center of attention for her dance and her evil while remaining a lady, where the hips sound, and all men are altered. She is bad, but that men like and enjoy it, screaming out to stop. Mala is now available on all digital platforms.

Canales is positioning itself as one of the female brands of impact from Colombia Medellín for the international stages of the music industry and is on a promotional tour in Peru. It should be noted that Goddess married on January 11, 2015, with the renowned cyclist and rapper José Roberto Rojas, known by his stage name «Sigicash».

Those interested in obtaining more information, and following the leaps and bounds in the music industry of the Venezuelan singer Diosa Canales, can follow her on her social networks as @diosacanalesmusica