Good Luck, president Trump!

Washington (United States), 22/06/2019.- US President Donald J. Trump makes remarks to the press as he departs the White House for a weekend at the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland in , Washington, DC, USA, 22 June 2019. (Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/MIKE THEILER / POOL

June 23, 2019 – 13:06 – By PEDRO MENA This week we had very important events and political events in the state of Florida.

After the successful public event, in the city of Orlando, with more than 20 thousand people, from the launching of the presidential candidacy to the 2020 reelection, our president friend Donald Trump made a triumphant day of fundraising for his campaign in the city Doral , where he admires the work of Venezuelans, recording a special TV program for the national network Telemundo, with the renowned journalist José Díaz-Balart, younger brother of our parliamentary friends Lincoln Díaz-Balart and Mario Díaz-Balart, Republicans in Florida .

Both events confirm the electoral political importance of this state in next year’s presidential race.

A serious political analyst, who respects his readers, should always take care to make mistakes, in his political opinions or forecasts, because he risks losing his credibility and trust, which is fundamental to be successful in his line of communication with opinion public.

It can not be sentimental, emotional, fanatical, much less project the image of being a «more activist», at the service of personal or group interests. An electoral dictatorship like that of Bolivia does not have any of the essential elements of democracy established by Article 3 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter. Without free expression there is no politics, less democracy.

The human being, agent and recipient of information, is affected by the current phenomenon of the overabundance of information, which is true and perhaps causes disinformation in the unprepared. He must be a scholar and interpreter of the different instruments of measurement of national or local public opinion.