Google prepares service that could end WhatsApp and does not need internet.


Google announced the launch of a messaging application that has been described as the evolution of SMS that could become the direct competitor of WhatsApp, which until now has had no rival in the market.

In the new service you can send text, videos, GIFs and many other types of files, similar to what other messaging applications now offer.

The most important thing about this system is that users will not need Internet to work, for the Android system, Fayerwayer said.

This technology will be available on all phones that have the Android operating system.

The company has announced that it will launch its new application in the first instance in France and the United Kingdom, to perform various tests of operation and then begin to expand it around the world and with this enter the competition with applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat between others more.

The only requirement to obtain this system will be to download the application for the Android operating system when it is already available, after activating it, you can send messages without having to be connected to the Internet.