Dr Gianfranco Napolitano participates in the Donald Trump convention.

Gianfranco Napolitano
gianfranco napolitano editor

The businessman, exeditor of the Newspaper of Cojedes and exiled in the United States, Gianfranco Napolitano received directly from the office of President Donald Trump @ realdonaldtrump, an invitation to participate in the convention that will take place at the Miami Hilton Hotel, this June 25, at 10:00 in the morning, in the face of the campaign ahead for his reelection as president of the United States. Napolitano also runs the number one brand in Latin America Rumbera Network and is exiled in the US, for being persecuted by President Hugo Chávez.

I had to leave Venezuela to protect its integrity. Currently, he works tirelessly for the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela from exile. Napolitano publicly thanks Senator Rick Scott, for his ongoing support in the fight for the final liberation of Venezuela, and his strong position against the narco-dictator regiment Nicolas Maduro @nicolasmaduro #RumberaNetwork.